Invite Agencies and get benefits for free:
Ad-free profileVerified AccountProfessional Model account
Verified AccountGet a Verified Account profile for free when referring a reputable Agency to us.
No AdsOpt in for an ads-free premium profile, if you refer more eligible Agencies to us.
Professional ModelIf you refer a high-caliber Agency, or several Agencies to us, you could get* a Professional Model page for free.
Contact Agency

Have a chat with the agency’s stakeholder who decides about their online presence, and tell them about Model’s Land 📣

Fill out the form

Let us know the details of the Agency, we’ll contact them and do the rest 💪

Receive perks

If they open an Agency account with us, you’ll get your perks. Everybody wins 🏆

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Also, we need to track who submitted it, so we can assign the perks to you 🤩

Questions & Answers

How do I refer an Agency?
You should know a stakeholder at the Agency, and recommend opening a site on Model’s Land. Give us the person’s name and contact details, and we’ll do the rest.
* How do I get the Professional Model account?
The first requirements are to be represented by a reputable agency, be verified by us, and have an extensive, high-caliber portfolio. We will then assess your eligibility for the Professional Model account.
What’s an eligible Agency?
It’s an established Agency, with a public portfolio of minimum 10 models. The Agency does need to open an account with us, and create profiles for their models on Model’s Land.
When will I get the perks?
As soon as the referred Agency opens an account with us, we’ll start working on your chosen benefit.
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