Professional Model

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To have a Professional Model account on Model’s Land, your first steps are to be represented by an agency, be verified by us, and have an extensive, high-caliber portfolio.

Once you think you’re ready, reach-out to us, to get the Professional Model badge on your profile.

Our team will assess your portfolio, your experience, and the caliber of your work and will let you know if you’re applicable for the distinction.

Professional Model accounts on Model’s Land, stand-out in the search results for agencies. The searches also have a filter, where agencies can look up professional models only.

All requests, will have a 1-time administrative fee of $199.

Questions & Answers

How long does it take to get assessed?
Depending on your response times, existing portfolio and available information, it’s around 5 working days.
How can I make the payment?
We accept most bank cards, as our payment processor is Stripe.
What if I don’t get approved?
When we start assessing your profile, and notice you’re not a good fit yet, we’ll let you know. You will get a 90% refund of the initial payment, as we need to cover transactional fees.
Is it useful?
Standing out from amateur models is key. The Professional Model Account gives potential agencies and customers the peace of mind the model is truly professional.
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